Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Air Freight Shipping

What to Know When Shipping Household Goods via Air with an International Shipping Company
Sea and Air Experts advises,  there are several things to consider when shipping household goods with an International Shipping Company. Air Freight is the quickest mode of International Shipping available, but before one embarks on this endeavor there are a few things to consider.
Sea and Air Experts & several companies offer International Air Freight Shipping for household goods. Since the price of International Shipping is calculated by weight and volume, the most important thing to keep in mind is how much items weigh and how much cargo space they will take up in the cargo bay. For Air freight shipping the minimum weight for shipping is 100 Kilograms per load with an upward limit of approximately 5,000 Kilograms at full capacity.
Once the weight and volume is calculated one must decide where their International shipment is going and how quickly the household goods need to be at the destination. Sea and Air Experts & most companies charge a premium for expedited services, so having a flexible timetable is recommended. Allowing enough time for delays and Customs Services enables shipments to arrive on time even if unexpected delays happen.

Once weight, destination, and delivery dates are accounted for, plans for packaging insurance, and Customs fees are vital. Household items are shipped internationally for a number of reasons. Two common reasons are business and personal. Businesses may have a separate department to handle packing, organizing, and customs. These shipments will not require special attention, but personal household shipments are a different matter.
For personal shipments Sea and Air Experts & many companies offer packing, delivery, insurance, and Customs handling. Rates vary, so specifics such as weight, size, time-frame, and special handling instructions may be required. International Air Freight shipping is an intricate process, but with a little planning and research, the process can be accomplished with little or no difficulty.