Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Moving and Shipping Your Household Goods? Follow this To-Do List!

Prior to moving day, you will be involved in preliminary packing (the consolidation and packing of your belongings mostly unbreakable such as linens, books, pots, toys, etc.) into cartons. 
On moving day our professional team of packers will arrive at your home with specially designed cartons, padded materials and, if necessary, custom-built boxes to safety pack your furniture, the remainder of goods, including breakables.  

 Image Sea & Air Experts assures you a safe and reliable transport of your belongings. Our Carriers are specially trained in packing and crating and we are able to offer unsurpassed packing services. 

When all items are packed a detailed inventory will be made, the goods will then either be loaded to a container or delivered to the carrier warehouse for crating / palletizing. Or from the warehouse the crates and / or pallets will be delivered to a NVOCC or a freight forwarder receiving terminal to be consolidated in a container for ocean or air freight  

  • Make a master list of all household items and your belongings 
  • Number boxes when they are packed 
  • Inventory - Write on the master list the contents of the numbered boxes 
  • Remove all items such as money, vital documents, jewelry, guns, etc. We suggest that you move these items personally. 

Materials needed for your International Move: these items can be purchased at a hardware or moving supply store such, Strapping Tape 1.5" - 2" wide Boxes of different sizes, Waterproof markers, Bubble wrap, Corrugated cardboard for wrapping furniture and protecting furniture, Wrapping paper [ Helpful tip: newspaper can transfer ink to your contents. Clean wrapping paper can be purchased at an office supply or moving supply company. 1-2 large rolls should be enough for your packing needs ] 
Old sheets, towels and blankets for wrapping furniture. [ Helpful tip: if you do not have a supply yourself, these can be purchased inexpensively at thrift stores ]  
An inventory form which your sales consultant can provide you by e-mail or fax  

Helpful Tips for your Inventory: 
  1. A complete inventory will be required for your shipment 
  1. Each box and piece of furniture must be marked with a number (removable stickers are the best) and listed on an inventory 
  1. The contents of boxes should read "kitchen supplies", "books", "clothes" etc. on the inventory. 
  1. Boxes packed by our customers should also be labeled "PBO" (packed by owner). 

  • Make sure the contents of all boxes are carefully wrapped 
  • Seal the seams of all boxes with strapping tape top and bottom 
  • Pack room-by-room, keeping similar items together 
  • Try to distribute weight evenly amongst boxes Place heavier items in the bottom of the box and lighter items on top 
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes. Tape the bottoms well 
  • Make sure your boxes are strong enough to support the weight of other boxes being stacked on top of them 
  • Label your boxes as you pack them with where they belong in your new home 
  • Mark the boxes on the sides, not on the top 
  • Any item that can be put in a box should be placed in a box 
  • Pack boxes firmly to prevent the contents from shifting during your move 
  • Bubble wraps all fragile items 
  • Never pack matches, flammables (such as propane tanks), dangerous articles or hazardous materials. Empty, defrost and dry refrigerators and freezers. 
  • All stereos, computers, printers, fax machines, televisions, speakers, etc. should be disconnected. 
  • All cords should be removed and packed or taped to the item. 
  • All packing should be completed before the movers arrive. 
  • Any items not being moved should be clearly marked. 

  • Furniture should be wrapped with corrugated cardboard and/or old sheets, blankets and/or towels. 
  • Pay particular attention to delicate areas such as the tops of furniture and legs. 
  • Bookshelves should be removed and wrapped separately. 
  • Dresser, desk, cabinet drawers should be emptied and the contents should be boxed separately. This makes moving the piece easier, and is required for custom clearance at port of destination. 
  • Glass shelves and tops should be wrapped with plastic bubble wrap. 
Our company warehouse is able to accommodate duly packed household goods for any period of time, on both a short or long-term basis. Your stored items are kept safe and secure in our facility. Our warehouse is served by employees trained to keep your belongings safe, dry and clean. 

Global Logistics and Services

Sea and Air Experts has specialized in International Cargo Shipping for years. You can be confident that your goods will arrive at their destinations in the same condition you handed them over to us. Our safety records for cargo shipment delivery have exceeded all industry standards. Thus, whether you are moving household goods, a car, a vehicle, a boat, or general cargo, you will be comfortable knowing that.

Sea and Air Experts will take care of all aspects of your relocation needs.
For more information on our auto transport and international shipping services contact us today
or check out our moving tips and relocation advice.

At Sea & Air Experts - Global Shippers, reliability and punctuality are our highest priorities. Our drivers are here to safely deliver
your order anywhere within the city, region or nation, and all at affordable rates. We are especially careful with fragile shipments
and always ensure that your order arrives in one piece. If necessary, we will recommend that you insure your shipments.
The same applies to high-value shipments. We'd be happy to advise you in this area.

With our Global Services we offer:
  • Sea & Air Shipping of Household Goods and General Cargo 
  • Automobiles by Sea & Air 
  • Import and Export Services
  • Commercial Office Moving
  • Commercial Cargo
  • Antique and Fine Arts Packing and Shipping
  • Secure Storage Warehouse Facilities
  • All Risk & Total Loss Insurance

Monday, February 10, 2014

Car shipping to Iraq 

New Shipping rates for 1x45' Container loading 2 cars & up to 5 cars 

Included: Ocean, Container trucking to load, Professional loading & bracing, title validation 
for total of $3,800.00

Call us to place your order, you'll be glad you did... 1-866-775-9794

Service from our warehouse Bayonne, New Jersey... 

See this clip for better understanding how service is provided 

Operating CitiesOffice - WarehousePhone
Hyde Park, MAService Warehouse617 600 0525
New York / New JerseyOffice 201 426 3000
Silver Springs, MDService Warehouse240 855 0095
Chicago, ILService Warehouse312 273 6770
Fort Lauderdale, FLHeadquarter Office954 790 6655
Dallas / Houston, TXService Warehouse281 907 9222
Los Angeles / San Jose, CAService Warehouse310 601 8833
Shipping Luxury Vehicles via Airfreight...
Previously handled this 1993 Lamborghini LM 

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